Oman: a strategic partner for Italy

A strategic partnership between Italy and Oman would bring a lot of benefits

Italy: inmates rioted in the South after confirmed coronavirus cases

In Italy, inmates rioted after a coronavirus case was confirmed in the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison

Coronavirus: Italy received aids from Egypt

The Egyptian Health Minister, Hala Zayed, arrived in Italy, on Apr 4, to deliver the medical aids that Egypt decided to send to help the country to face the outbreak of coronavirus

Italy fears unrest in the South as farmhands halted production

Even if the Italian Ministry of Interior revealed, on Apr 2, that in the previous 7 days no migrants arrived in the country, asylum seekers in the South make Italy fear new unrest

Italy to increase surveillance on targets of mafia attacks in Foggia

The Italian Ministry of Interior announced its intention to increase surveillance and protection of the targets of the attack that occurred on Apr 1 in Foggia


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