Published on November 20, 2019 in Books Publications

“Sacrifice: my life in a Fascist Militia” is a book by Alessandro Orsini, who joined local groups of a fascist organization he names Sacrifice in two neighbouring cities, with very different political cultures. In this gripping, “insider” book, which features dialogues with various militia members, Orsini shows how Fascists live day to day, how they understand their world, and how they build a parallel universe in which political violence plays a central role.

“A stunning rendering of life inside a Fascist militia, exposing the raw exhilaration of violence that lies at the heart of this frightening world”

 – Kathleen Blee, author of Inside Organized Racism


“Vivid reporting and suspence as an Italian professor joins a militant Fascist gang. This is social science in action – a page-turner for sure!”

– Clark McCauley, co-author of Friction