Published on January 23, 2020 in News + Media

Sicurezza Internazionale is the first Italian daily news website entirely dedicated to international security.

The website is one of the major outputs of the activities of the Observatory on International Security and one of the main instruments through which the Observatory aims at enabling informed decision making and reasoning about international security issues. 

Sicurezza Internazionale provides an archive of more than 20.000 articles and it is the only daily newspaper that publishes on average 30 articles every day, covering 140 countries. The main areas of research are eight: AfricaLatin AmericaAsiaEuropeMigrationRussiaMiddle East, and the United States and Canada. For each area, the website also publishes analyses and insights

Sicurezza Internazionale’s authors are Political Science researchers, translators, and interpreters that are able to work on local sources from different regions of the world. The website aims to benefit policymakers, the media, and the general public.

Sicurezza Internazionale also has a free application available from the Apple Store or Google Play.