About Us

The Observatory on International Security (OSI) promotes researches, public events, and advisory on international security, with a focus on countries that are strategic for the Italian national interest. Radicalization and migration are two of the main OSI research topics.

Our mission is to create bridges between the academia and the public, aiming at enabling informed decision making and reasoning about international security issues.

In order to accomplish its mission, among its main activities, OSI publishes the only Italian newspaper entirely devoted to international politics, aiming to address global issues under the “balancing principle”. To give an example of our work, when a news on Iran is taken from Saudi sources, we also provide the Iranian point of view, avoiding the risk of bias and one-sidedness. Sicurezza Internazionale is conceived for the benefit of policymakers, media and the public. Sicurezza internazionale also has a daily newsletter, if you are interested in our work, you can write to sicurezzainternazionale@luiss.it and subscribe to our newsletter.

Other major outputs of OSI’s work include books, reports, events, and seminars, all of which entail the contribution of both emerging and established experts in the international affairs area of research. Information on our contributors is available here.

OSI also shares its main activities on social media, mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Visit out profiles to get engaged.