Sicurezza internazionale

Sicurezza Internazionale is the first daily news website in Italy on international security. The website is one of the major outputs of the activities of the Observatory on International Security and one of the main instruments by which the Observatory aims at enabling informed decision making and reasoning about international security issues.

Sicurezza Internazionale publishes news and analyses  addressing global issues under the “balancing principle”. When a news on Iran is taken from Saudi sources, Sicurezza Internazionale also provides the Iranian point of view, avoiding the risk of bias and one-sidedness.

Sicurezza Internazionale has eight main areas of research: Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Migration, Russia, Middle East, and United Stated and Canada. For each area, it also publishes analyses and insights.

The website aims to benefit policymakers, media and the general public.

Sicurezza Internazionale has also a free application available from the Apple Store or Google Play.